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Open 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Closed from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Phone: 780-373-3797
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Population of 422, located 24 km east of Camrose, Alberta on Highway 13. 
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Utility Services Bylaw #625/17 Fees and Charges:

A.Water Charges:

1.Municipal Services

a)Monthly Flat Rate$35.00/month
b)Monthly Inactive Flat Rate$17.50/month 

2.Institutional (Schools, Senior’s Lodges)

a)Bawlf School$250.00/month
b)School Bus Barns$ 35.00/month
c)Sanden Court$280.00/month

3.Bulk Water Sales

a)Agricultural or Residential Rates$4.40/cubic metre
b)Commercial Rate$8.80/cubic metre

4.Disconnection and/or Reconnection Fee $40.00
(During regular working hours)

5.Hourly Charge for Village Assistance with 
the Owner’s Portion of a Service Line
Minimum 2 hour charge$50.00/hour 


7.Emergency After Hours Curb Cock (cc) Shut Off$50.00/hour
Minimum 1 hour charge + any additional hours

B.Sewer Charges:

1.Municipal Services

a)Monthly Flat Rate$32.00/month
b)Monthly Inactive Flat Rate$16.00/month

2.Institutional (Schools, Senior’s Lodges)

a)Bawlf School$235.00/month
b)Sanden Court$256.00/month



1.Penalty after due date 3% / month

D.Administration Charges:

1.Fee to Transfer Utility and/or Accounts Receivable 
Arrears to Tax Account$40.00