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Municipal Development Plan Review Project

Tracy M. Ormsbee
Village CAO 

 Why is the Municipal Development Plan important?

The Municipal Development Plan guides and directs future physical growth and development, ensuring that it is orderly, economical and beneficial while balancing the environmental, social and economic needs and desires of the community. It is visionary, strategic and long-term in its outlook and application. The Municipal Development Plan should reflect the kind of community residents wish to see in the future and identify ways to achieve this future. It provides a policy framework for the growth and development of the community far into the future. A thirty (30) year period is the minimum planning horizon typically considered. Topics usually covered in a Municipal Development Plan include:

  Land use patterns showing the locations for major residential, commercial and industrial areas of activity;
  Major road and pedestrian corridors and networks;
  Preservation of significant natural features;
  Open space, park and recreation areas;
  Design of subdivisions and neighbourhoods;
  Economic development and locations for employment related needs;
  Cultural and heritage preservation; and
  Directions for future growth and expansion. 


 Who is leading the Process?

Village of Bawlf Council is leading the process with assistance from Village Administration and ISL Engineering Services. As the steering committee for the process, Council will review materials and provide direction throughout the process. This includes collecting public input and selecting approaches that will serve the community well into the future.
 What is the Process for the Project?

The broad stages in the review process that will take place between April 2017 and September 2018 are:

  Updates and Initial Assessment - this part includes a read of the existing plan and collection of suggestions about the issues and improvements that should be considered; it includes opportunities for all who are interested to put forward their ideas

  Shaping Possible Policy Changes and Directions - building on the ideas and suggestions a draft set of policy changes will be prepared

  Public Consultation and Input - proposed policy changes will be available for public review and comment

  Prepare a Revised Plan - the updated, proposed plan will be written and then made available for further public review and comment

  Formal Plan Adoption - Council will consider adoption of the updated Municipal Development Plan following opportunity for comments in a public hearing