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Bawlf News and Events

Hello Friends and Neighbours! February 3, 2014

by Village of Bawf Communications on 02/05/14

Hello Friends and Neighbors:


I have had requests and often thought of changing this greeting to something more personal than Residents so, unless you/we come up with something more appropriate, you can look for Hello Friends and Neighbors from now on.

Thank you all for the encouraging words.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.  This letter to you is only one way your Council and Staff can share thoughts and ideas with you as we keep you updated on the direction we are going.

Today my first news is that Bruce Wells and David Genio won the two open seats on council in our by- election.  Thank you, Paul Lorente, for allowing your name to stand and for all who voted last Thursday.  Next news is we have hired a new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), in the person of Kaylyn Genio, whose first day in the office is February 3, 2014.  Kaylyn has been studying to augment the experience she has in her pursuit of making CAO her career.  That will continue and, along with the help of other CAOs’ and Municipal Affairs, she will very capably round out our team of Council and Staff.  We all want what is best for you and will work to give you the best guidance we can.

Our first order of business will be working through our 2014 budget which must be complete by the end of May.  There are still a few outstanding items from the inspection 1 ½ years ago needing attention before we are completely back to a normal work load.

There is one more component to our team that only YOU can fill.  We are all in this together and YOU are the most important link in this chain.   You are the ones who elect us and are our first reliable source of information as to the direction your vision has for our Community.  Council and staff can only focus on your vision, your dreams, of what is best when you give us clear direction.  Both legally and practically, clear direction must be documented or it will  suffer the normal changes that come with each person who tries to repeat the message.  Most of us have played “Telephone” with a line of people trying to repeat the message as it is    whispered to each person down the line.  At the end of the line the message is completely   different, or at best altered enough, and there can be no effective action to support the intention of the first whisper.

The most advantageous answer to this is with a written and signed presentation to Council during our Council meetings.  On the occasions this is not possible you can take your signed  letter to Kaylyn, our CAO, at the office.  Legal action is never undertaken without a signed document.  This applies to even simple matters such as animal control.

With alleys in most communities being a serious problem for the garbage/recycle truck they have implemented a policy of only picking up at the front curb until further notice.  There will be an announcement of the implementation date for rescheduled recycle days in February.  The current plan is to have them the same day with Garbage early and recycle later.



Mayor John Tessari, Deputy Mayor Leonard Thompson and Councillor Ryan Mohan

Letter to Residents January 2014

by Village of Bawf Communications on 01/05/14

To the Residents of Bawlf:

Another year has passed and we have been blessed with some very encouraging and positive progress for you.

We have the nucleus of an excellent team of Staff and Council and are looking        forward to having the two vacant seats on Council filled with two more positive voices after our by-election results are tallied.  Please get to know the people who are standing for election and set aside a few minutes to vote on January 30, 2014.

We are very pleased to inform you that we interviewed a capable candidate for CAO and will be having another meeting to negotiate the terms of the Contract.  At that time we will announce the name of this individual and the date our CAO position will be filled.

We continue to work towards partnering with one or more Municipalities in the    Regional Collaboration Program.  Our first outreach was not successful but we have had one more unofficial discussion with two Village Reps and will report our         progress after initial agreements of our intentions are completed in the respective Councils.  We have advice, help and encouragement from Municipal Affairs representatives guiding us towards the future success of our Village.

Your current Village Council is focused on being friendly, honest and open, working, with you as our partners, to create harmony in our wonderful Community.  Watch for the date and time for a "Meet the Bawlf Council and Staff" get together.  Until then always remember our regular Council meetings are open and you are welcome to visit and observe any time.

We wish you a wonderful New Year filled with peaceful and joyous times for all.

John Tessari


Bawlf, Alberta


Letter to the Residents December 19, 2013

by Village of Bawf Communications on 12/20/13

To The Residents of Bawlf:

I want to thank all those who have given us positive feedback.  We still have a lot to learn and even more to do to be caught up with all that was put on hold.  With the friendships and great attitude that are growing between Staff and Council I am very confident that we will successfully work through all our, and your, challenges.

Our by-election is set for January 30, 2014 which makes nomination day January 2, 2014.  We have the staff in place to take nominations and run the election with Kaylyn Genio, the Acting CAO in Daysland, at the helm as our Returning Officer.  Jody Yuha is our Deputy Returning Officer.  I want to thank those who intend to let their names stand for nomination.  Drop off your applications at the Village Office between 10:00 and 12:00 noon January 2, 2014.  If you are elected you will be joining the new team we have started and become a partner in the rebuilding of our Staff, Council and wonderful community.  

You may have heard of our advances toward joining with one or more Villages or Towns in the Regional Collaboration Program.  That is the way of the future and much of our future grant money will be only available through this program.  It will begin as a two year pilot project with grant money available to assist with wages and the transitional expenses. Initially we will share CAO duties but will always be open to adding other possibilities to build our community, save money and better serve you, the Residents. It is a time consuming process as many details must be worked out and policies written to facilitate a successful partnership. We will keep you updated as details are worked out and agreements come together.  The focus of Municipal Affairs is to help us become strong and viable, continuing to grow as a Community and have the tools to make Bawlf the peaceful, friendly and treasured home we long for.

Watch for information and dates for a Meet and Greet Your Village Staff and Council gathering.   We will begin planning in earnest after we have our full slate of Council.  Details about our new CAO are still in the preliminary stages but we anticipate interviewing a capable candidate soon.  We are confident we will have that base covered by the time we have the meet and greet gathering.  A thought has been presented to Council expressing the desire to recognize seniors and others who have given many years of service to our community.  Join us in working toward planning and possibly having recognitions as part of our Meet and Greet gathering

We will be looking for a few people to join a committee that will work towards solutions for our walking trail.  It has been on hold because we need to map the route it will follow and to give our new Staff and Council time to get caught up with more pressing issues.  Contact Tracy at our Village Office Monday through Wednesday if you would like to join the committee. 

The Subdivision of the Curling Rink property is still in the works.  Many phone calls have been made and email sent and the problems should have all been addressed now.  We expect the application will be with Land Titles this coming week.

Please!!  Come to some of our Council meetings and experience the way we do business.  You will not be disappointed.

We wish you all a Joy filled Christmas.   Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to come together in peace and harmony.  May you be Blessed with the Christmas your heart desires.


 Merry Christmas from Mayor John, Deputy Mayor Leonard, Councillor Ryan and Acting CAO Tracy

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